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iPhone typed wee public update :)

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. Everyone has so much going on at the moment it's madness trying to catch up and keep on top! Even if I don't always reply to your lj posts I DO read! I'm really crap at putting into words what I mean :(

Everything here is going ok I think? I'm still on the lookout for the right job in Glasgow so the boy and I can get a wee place together (even buying maybe...!!!) but that's all in the future and I'm just working away here getting experience and doing fun operations. Actually been enjoying the CPD evenings that I've gone on recently and it's made me all excited about things like snotty cats which is SAD! I'm also trying to meet up with peeps more now I live back up here. I think it's going well and I'm making more of an effort :) it's ace having so many good friends.

Umm what else? Only other annoying thing still is the ex trying to get money off me still but it's not going to happen as I explained to him in depth but he's ignoring my calculations. Ho hum, more fool him. Have seeked out legal help and legally I don't owe him anything and could even dob him in for illegal subletting but im not that mean a person. I just wish he'd let it go so I can finally get him out of my life. I'm with the most amazingly perfect guy now so I don't know what j was doing with the ex really! It takes someone good to show you how bad he was! Shame really as his family are so nice and then he's such a waster and letting them all down :(

Can't think of anything exciting really! Was thinking of having a few people over for either a Christmas dinner or something like that? My flat is fairly wee and minimal space and seating just now but I dunnoo!
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