Kirsten (pant_girl) wrote,

Yay Friday!

I really need to do a proper update on Gemany and London etc but it was a stressfull few weeks back then so just waiting til everythings ok before delving back into that  :)

Work has been going ok, nice routine ops apart from a surprise splenectomy and a cat with a ruptured uterus and a free-floating kitten in her abdomen!  Both doing really well now so thats my fave part of the job, turning almost dying and will certainly die animal, into alive and much happier animal :)  The boyf loves me for it, he loves all my "saving kittys" stories haha...I do leave out the horrible stories as I know he gets affected by them, poor soul :(  Last 2 weeks we had a whole influx of CRAZY PEEPS, seriously, i'm positive it was holiday time at the madhouses so they let them loose on the vets!  Prime classics are 2 clients, one wanted her daughters cat COMPLETELY shaved bald as her daughters boyfriend was allergic to cats :|  The other was one person who wanted all her dogs teeth removed as it was biting them.  SIGHS.

Apart from that I was relaly ill with a horrific cold which went all horrible and fevery one night so I was all AGH SWINE FLU but did some investigation and there was no chance as my symptoms came on over days rather than days.  I was pretty thrown by it buy boyf was very good at nursing me and now the last 4-5 days he's been suffering with a similar varient but mainly the viral fevery portion with less of the cold stuff.  Poor soul.  Been making LOTS of veg and chicken soups for that which has helped :)

Weekend off again this and next weekend so thinking of perusing the various Glasgow fairy things that are on offer.  Had no idea til the work experience kid at work told me about the River Fesival this weekend so TOTALLY going to that, should be a laugh.  Also wanting to check out some car booy sales and Farmers Markets.  Wanting to eat better food and thought that might be a starting point plus pick up some bargains for the flat :)  Looking into nice new sofas and stuff like that.  Mum asked me last weekend what i'm needing for the house so I think she MIGHT be looking into a sofa which would be ACE of her.

Speaking of mum went to Perth last weekend and met JR there and met up with mum for lunch and stuff before going to a National YOuth Choir of Scotland concert as mum got some free tickets as shes passed an audition to start up an Aberdeen chapter which is exciting for her.

Think thats me pretty much all caught up?  How is everyone?
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