June 14th, 2010

Dearie me...

I need to update this and my blog more often. Man it's been SO busy lately its mental! Just a wee quick post before I head back to work :)

Been cooking loads from scratch recently and trying to expand our meal repetoire and my new food bible is River Cottage Everyday <3. Seriously, everything i've made from there has been well yums. THe organic veg bad is going well too. Means I have to think laterally about meals which is pretty cool.

Umm what else? Going to Copenhagen 2 weeks yesterday to spend a few days in the capital and then go to Roskilde :) I paid for the cheapo flights (hard to find any cheap way to get there!) and Rob paid for the rest. Saving up some moolah as Denmark is expensive. Least we get brekkie included at the hotel and at Roskilde so that's one meal! Also trying to find a good guidebook but it's hard to get a good selection with no more Borders :(. Also going to try and get away again later on in the year to go down to Cornwall/Devonland for a bit and maybe visit River Cottage and stuff. Would be ace. I'm also wanting to go to America and I hope that's on the cards at some point whenever :D

It's also Robs and mines 2 year anniversary today :D I'm meeting him after his band practice/after my work and we're going to go for a nice meal. I meant to buy a nice new frock but with being on call etc didn't get a chance :(

ALl in all things are going well. Need to catch up with a few peeps. Trying to reorganise the flat as well so I can have peeps over for dins etc.

Will do a proper update later, as i'm late for work!