February 2nd, 2009

OOOOh forgot this earlier

Talking to Poshums earlier this week and loads happened last week last year.:

Met Poshums for the first time at Bamboo
Met Eve for the first time at Vonnies Hen Night
Finally finished things with Mick completely when I found out he wasn't sticking up for me at all and stuff.

Quite a big weekend!!  Also fuck, this last year seems so LONG!  It seems fucking AGES ago that all that stuff happened.  Utter madness.  I've only know Eve for a year? Shit!
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Dietttty pooo

Last week and a wee bit have been eating much better.  Not like a diet as such, just not eating as much shite and takeaways which i know I can do if I get down/havent got the time/cane be arsed hand making a nice meal from scratch when theres just me and im late back from work (last one is usually the kicker).  Lost 2kg so far!  Quite impressed and also scared by the scales when I hopped on them this morning at work :)  Quite chuffed as thats about half a stone so far!  My work clothes feel looser on me already which is making me all smug and happy :D

Also ordered something for Valentines day with the boy - looking forward to it coming in the post this week :D (its nothing kinky really so heads outta the gutters peeps :))  Think hes down for a week and got my new improved work rota out and the week hes down im OFF like most of the week!  SO happy.  Working sat/sun (he gets here on the sat I think) then off mon.tue, working wed/thur, then off fri/sat/sun :D  Yays.  WIll prob drive up to Glasgow on the thur night/fri morning with him.  Ace.  Dunno when i'll see him next after that weekend, think I have the 2nd weekend in March a LONG weekend (almost a week off) to go to a friend of the familys wedding in Aberdeen so will stay at his few days either side which will always be good.

Still waiting to hear back about these jobs, ho hum, not holding out much hope but no news is good news I think :)