Dearie me...

I need to update this and my blog more often. Man it's been SO busy lately its mental! Just a wee quick post before I head back to work :)

Been cooking loads from scratch recently and trying to expand our meal repetoire and my new food bible is River Cottage Everyday <3. Seriously, everything i've made from there has been well yums. THe organic veg bad is going well too. Means I have to think laterally about meals which is pretty cool.

Umm what else? Going to Copenhagen 2 weeks yesterday to spend a few days in the capital and then go to Roskilde :) I paid for the cheapo flights (hard to find any cheap way to get there!) and Rob paid for the rest. Saving up some moolah as Denmark is expensive. Least we get brekkie included at the hotel and at Roskilde so that's one meal! Also trying to find a good guidebook but it's hard to get a good selection with no more Borders :(. Also going to try and get away again later on in the year to go down to Cornwall/Devonland for a bit and maybe visit River Cottage and stuff. Would be ace. I'm also wanting to go to America and I hope that's on the cards at some point whenever :D

It's also Robs and mines 2 year anniversary today :D I'm meeting him after his band practice/after my work and we're going to go for a nice meal. I meant to buy a nice new frock but with being on call etc didn't get a chance :(

ALl in all things are going well. Need to catch up with a few peeps. Trying to reorganise the flat as well so I can have peeps over for dins etc.

Will do a proper update later, as i'm late for work!


Sitting in the van on the way to the branch surgery again, whee! Bored so thought I'd type another wee entry :) Been looking up various holidays online as I haven't had a proper one for yeears! Last one was to Italy yonks back and it was ok but I want something better with better peeps :) might try and get at least 2 hols in. Fancy having a wee break with some friends (girly relaxing beach/villa holiday?) and then having another one with the other half-he said he'd take me away somewhere cool so I dunno, kinda fancy city holiday eg somewhere in America or something but I dunno. Been perusing loads of holiday websites and there are quite a few good deals on for the Canary Islands (which I've been to 4-5 times before and liked) or some of the Greek islands (ditto above). I dunno-anyone interested?? I know some peeps are but it's just working out dates etc from work and coordinating.

Umm what else? Had my hair cut last Wednesday and it's a lot shorter and easier to deal with. Hair guy who was doing my hair was going on about 'movement' all the time whilst cutting my hair so it's got a lot of that! I also got my picture taken today for a localish paper to advertise a new service we are offering. Felt really silly sitting on the consulting room table with a nurse and a clients dog posing listening to it's heart wrong. Ho hum! Hope the pics turn out all ok! Apart from that things are all ok here-I need to remember and update this more often!

iPhone typed wee public update :)

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. Everyone has so much going on at the moment it's madness trying to catch up and keep on top! Even if I don't always reply to your lj posts I DO read! I'm really crap at putting into words what I mean :(

Everything here is going ok I think? I'm still on the lookout for the right job in Glasgow so the boy and I can get a wee place together (even buying maybe...!!!) but that's all in the future and I'm just working away here getting experience and doing fun operations. Actually been enjoying the CPD evenings that I've gone on recently and it's made me all excited about things like snotty cats which is SAD! I'm also trying to meet up with peeps more now I live back up here. I think it's going well and I'm making more of an effort :) it's ace having so many good friends.

Umm what else? Only other annoying thing still is the ex trying to get money off me still but it's not going to happen as I explained to him in depth but he's ignoring my calculations. Ho hum, more fool him. Have seeked out legal help and legally I don't owe him anything and could even dob him in for illegal subletting but im not that mean a person. I just wish he'd let it go so I can finally get him out of my life. I'm with the most amazingly perfect guy now so I don't know what j was doing with the ex really! It takes someone good to show you how bad he was! Shame really as his family are so nice and then he's such a waster and letting them all down :(

Can't think of anything exciting really! Was thinking of having a few people over for either a Christmas dinner or something like that? My flat is fairly wee and minimal space and seating just now but I dunnoo!
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Yay Friday!

I really need to do a proper update on Gemany and London etc but it was a stressfull few weeks back then so just waiting til everythings ok before delving back into that  :)

Work has been going ok, nice routine ops apart from a surprise splenectomy and a cat with a ruptured uterus and a free-floating kitten in her abdomen!  Both doing really well now so thats my fave part of the job, turning almost dying and will certainly die animal, into alive and much happier animal :)  The boyf loves me for it, he loves all my "saving kittys" stories haha...I do leave out the horrible stories as I know he gets affected by them, poor soul :(  Last 2 weeks we had a whole influx of CRAZY PEEPS, seriously, i'm positive it was holiday time at the madhouses so they let them loose on the vets!  Prime classics are 2 clients, one wanted her daughters cat COMPLETELY shaved bald as her daughters boyfriend was allergic to cats :|  The other was one person who wanted all her dogs teeth removed as it was biting them.  SIGHS.

Apart from that I was relaly ill with a horrific cold which went all horrible and fevery one night so I was all AGH SWINE FLU but did some investigation and there was no chance as my symptoms came on over days rather than days.  I was pretty thrown by it buy boyf was very good at nursing me and now the last 4-5 days he's been suffering with a similar varient but mainly the viral fevery portion with less of the cold stuff.  Poor soul.  Been making LOTS of veg and chicken soups for that which has helped :)

Weekend off again this and next weekend so thinking of perusing the various Glasgow fairy things that are on offer.  Had no idea til the work experience kid at work told me about the River Fesival this weekend so TOTALLY going to that, should be a laugh.  Also wanting to check out some car booy sales and Farmers Markets.  Wanting to eat better food and thought that might be a starting point plus pick up some bargains for the flat :)  Looking into nice new sofas and stuff like that.  Mum asked me last weekend what i'm needing for the house so I think she MIGHT be looking into a sofa which would be ACE of her.

Speaking of mum went to Perth last weekend and met JR there and met up with mum for lunch and stuff before going to a National YOuth Choir of Scotland concert as mum got some free tickets as shes passed an audition to start up an Aberdeen chapter which is exciting for her.

Think thats me pretty much all caught up?  How is everyone?

Watch this space

I KNOW i'm hecka late for a fucking huge update, never fear my poor dears, I shall be doing a whole round-up soon (sorry).  I'll cut it so dinnae fret over your friends pages :)  Its been a fucking hectic 3 weeks and a lot has gone down.  Love you aaaaall



Is my LJ doing this? 

On other computers it looks fine.  When I click on...say...The ladies loos etc and go to all the TLL posts it appears normal size.  Its just my own posts and the friends page posts that all appear teeny weeny.  The other day it did go weird as when I tried to use the scroll wheel on my mouse it zoomed in and out of LJ instead of scrolling up and down the page and some posts got blue boxes around them so I tried to zoom out to a normal size and obv went too far and now its stuck at this size on this coomputer :(



My new dress arrived from ebay today.  Fucksake its SMOKING.  Far too short though.  Makes me feel sexy AS.  I'll prob never wear it out but.  Heres a pic for the LOLS.  Scuse my pasty white chubby knees

heeheeCollapse )</div>                                         
 </div>It's really hard to take a pichoor of yourself y'know?  Spesh when you have no batteries for your digital camera and have to use your phone camera!

Other news, work has been allright this week so far.  Old boss man has been rather friendly and upbeat and NICE.  Pure freaky as hes never like this for MORE than one day at a time.  He's away on holiday for 5 weeks tomorrow so maybe thats why!  Lucky bastard.  Im on call tonight and working sat/sun UGH

The boy is coming down on Saturday to stay til next thurs when im going back up to Glasgow for the weekend so that works out nicely.  Spesh as im only working wed/thur next week so yay! More time to spend with him :)  Going to cook him a nice meal onthe sat night then hes going to cook me one another night.  I like FOOD.  Also he's managed to score tickets for Bruce Springsteen etc in Hyde Park on his birthday!  So i've managed to book some days off (not officially but on the computer) for those dates so we can go down and spend a few days in London :)  last time I was down there was for the Limp Bizkit gig at Finsbury park! haha that was AAGES ago.

Umm what else?  Anyone else got anything interesting going on or remember anything?  I really need a holiday so this London thing would be ace :)  Plus 2 weekends before that would be our 1 year anniversary <3 Smoosh.  No idea what to do for that.  best/fastest year ever btw!

Dietttty pooo

Last week and a wee bit have been eating much better.  Not like a diet as such, just not eating as much shite and takeaways which i know I can do if I get down/havent got the time/cane be arsed hand making a nice meal from scratch when theres just me and im late back from work (last one is usually the kicker).  Lost 2kg so far!  Quite impressed and also scared by the scales when I hopped on them this morning at work :)  Quite chuffed as thats about half a stone so far!  My work clothes feel looser on me already which is making me all smug and happy :D

Also ordered something for Valentines day with the boy - looking forward to it coming in the post this week :D (its nothing kinky really so heads outta the gutters peeps :))  Think hes down for a week and got my new improved work rota out and the week hes down im OFF like most of the week!  SO happy.  Working sat/sun (he gets here on the sat I think) then off mon.tue, working wed/thur, then off fri/sat/sun :D  Yays.  WIll prob drive up to Glasgow on the thur night/fri morning with him.  Ace.  Dunno when i'll see him next after that weekend, think I have the 2nd weekend in March a LONG weekend (almost a week off) to go to a friend of the familys wedding in Aberdeen so will stay at his few days either side which will always be good.

Still waiting to hear back about these jobs, ho hum, not holding out much hope but no news is good news I think :)

OOOOh forgot this earlier

Talking to Poshums earlier this week and loads happened last week last year.:

Met Poshums for the first time at Bamboo
Met Eve for the first time at Vonnies Hen Night
Finally finished things with Mick completely when I found out he wasn't sticking up for me at all and stuff.

Quite a big weekend!!  Also fuck, this last year seems so LONG!  It seems fucking AGES ago that all that stuff happened.  Utter madness.  I've only know Eve for a year? Shit!
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Might start making more posts public, like this one, unless I have something that I dont want discussed etc :) Might start doing more quizzes and EXCITING things like that (yes,yes I am BORED).

Ok weekend, squidged around yesterday having a lovely long lie and then went out for dins with the nurse.  Had a lovely steak and chips with diane sauce which was actually fairly yum, I love red meat.  Got back and just caught Poshums online but he was just heading out the door so he phoned me.  There followed about an hour plus of conversation interspersed with his journey mishaps (cancelled trains, forgetting cashcard etc etc).  Quite amusing and fun stories were told.  Always good to hear his wee voice :)  Can't wait to see him next weekend and also if he comes down for a week (?) maybe after his next gig.  You should go see his band btw, they're pretty ace and catchy songs :D

Headed over to Mhairis last night and watched some of Die Hard 2 before heading to bed to sleep with random texts from peeps throughout the night.  Wish I was out for Eves gig and Profs birthday shenanigans :(  Got texts this morning from Posh on his way back home and then a nice phonecall yay.  Mhairi and I then headed out to Tai Wu for Dim Sum = YUM.  Usually they are half price between 12-4 but coz its Chinese New Year week thing it was normal prices, still not expensive at all and was yum.  Headed into town where I got some nice pants and tights and saw loads more I wanted to buy but resisted until my pay comes through on Thursday.  Mhairi bought LOADS in Topshop and I saw a shit I wanted.  Now back at hers watching the Celeb "Come Dine with Me" omnibus which always rules.  We're waiting for the fish to defrost before making fish piiiiiie.  Am starving the noo. 

This was all very boring, sorry!  How is everyone else doing?